Don & Jim's Blues Weekend

A Mandolin Workshop

March 18-20, 2022

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This weekend mandolin intensive will focus on the blues and its influence on the music we love to play. Don Julin and Jim Richter will show how blues relates to rock, jazz, and other styles on the mandolin.

Class Topics

The Basic Ingredients

Using Double-Stops to Shuffle The Blues 

 Blending Blues with Other Genres 

Pentatonic Soloing in Blues and Rock Styles 

Arranging Rock Tunes For Mandolin 

Playing The Changes: A Jazz Approach To The Blues 

Workshop Includes:

Six Live 60-Minute ZOOM Classes

Two Live 60-Minute Office Hours Sessions (Q&A)

Two Instructor Concerts

Guided Practice Videos

Practice Tracks

PDF with Standard Notation and Tablature

What level is this workshop?

Watch the following four videos which will help you decide if this workshop is for you.

These guided practice videos are only a small slice of what makes this workshop so great.

Hope to see you there!


Unlimited Access!

Some people have asked if they need to be present at the "Live" sessions. Of course, it is best if you can, but you will be able to access this complete workshop at any time in the future. All workshop elements will be recorded and uploaded to the Blues Weekend homepage. You have unlimited access to these recordings, PDF, practice tracks, and more. So no matter your work schedule, timezone, or prior commitments, you can still have unlimited access to the entire workshop. The only part you will miss out on is the live Q&A sessions called Office Hours, but these too are recorded. 


Friday, March 18:

8:00 pm Jim Richter & Gordon Bonham Concert


Saturday, March 19:

11:00 am The Basic Ingredients (Don)

12:30 pm Using Double-Stops to Shuffle the Blues (Jim)

2:00 pm Office Hours (Q&A) both will be present

3:30 pm Blending Blues With Other Genres (Don)

5:00 pm Pentatonic Soloing in Blues and Rock Styles (Jim)

8:00 pm Don Julin & Ron Getz Concert


Sunday, March 20

12:00 pm (noon) Arranging Rock Tunes For Mandolin (Jim)

1:30 pm Playing The Changes: A Jazz Approach To The Blues (Don)

3:00 pm Office Hours (Q&A) both will be present

All times listed in EST (same as New York)

All sessions are recorded and uploaded to the workshop home page for future viewing.

What Students Are Saying About My Recent Workshops

Don, this was the best and most informative class I have ever taken. Forty-plus years of playing mandolin, and this course has opened doors and new ideas that I never thought of. The best thing about this course is how logical the process was throughout the whole course, and this makes learning so much easier and quicker. Wish I could have had this course years ago when I first started learning mandolin. Thanks for all you do!


Don & Jim's Blues Weekend

March 18-20, 2022

Cost $150

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