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Don's Story

Don's Story

Don Julin is a total mandolin nut. For over 30 years Don has playing and listening to mandolin music, buying and selling mandolins, travelling great distances to attend mandolin gatherings, and in general loving the mandolin. He has developed a reputation for being one of the most eclectic mandolin players on the scene today. From Mozart to honky-tonk, from traditional fiddle tunes and Led Zeppelin to modern jazz, Don has spent most of his adult life challenging the boundaries of the mandolin.

Author of the highly successful "Mandolin For Dummies" (Wiley 2012), Don is a passionate teacher offering private mandolin lesson via FaceTime/Skype along with a full schedule of camps and workshops. Mandolins Heal The World was launched in 2016 as a way to reach more students and make learning from home more convenient, economical, and more effective than ever before.