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The instructional content on this website has been organized in the following categories:

Courses and Collections

These are groups of lessons that are arranged by topic or genre. You can think of any of these courses as small books or a class at your local community college intended for adult extended education. You simply work through a series of tasks, exercises, or tunes that focus on specific mandolin skills. The basic skill level is listed for each course. This is were you should spend the majority of your time. 


Arranged by style, these tunes may or may not be included in one of the courses offered. You could find anything in here from Monroe tunes to Beatles songs. 

Techniques and Exercises

Alternate picking, Tremolo, Slides, Hammer-ons, Triplets, Double Stops, Strumming patterns, Scales, and many more topics are covered in this section. These are the techniques and skills that make you sounds wonderful on the mandolin. It takes many years to master these techniques so don't be in a hurry, also don't get discouraged when you find that some of these skills are very difficult and seem quite un-natural at first. Remember that songs are the reason you are playing the mandolin and these established mandolin techniques will help you make your songs more beautiful. 

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I hope you are enjoying the mandolin lessons. Thanks and hope to see you again soon.

Don Julin