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If you are brand new to the mandolin, you should look here first. 

Beginner's Corner

Holding your mandolin, holding the pick, strumming a few chords, and learning some simple melodies.

Get Rhythm Pt.1

Learn common strumming patterns used in folk, country, pop and bluegrass music.

Don's Favorites (fiddle tunes)

Twelve fiddle tunes that every mandolin player should know.


Don's Monthly Master Class

Swing, Jazz, Latin, Improvisation

Don's Julin's Major Scale Workout 

Major Scales in every key, up and down the neck!

What Goes Up Must Come Down

Play faster, smoother, more in time!

Don Julin's Playing The Changes: Major Triads

Unlock the secret of playing the changes.

Don's Favorites (fiddle tunes)

Twelve fiddle tunes that every mandolin player should know.

Assorted Fun Tunes

Expand your repertoire with fiddle tunes, rags, waltzes, Dawg tunes, blues, etc.

EZ Classical Duets (minuets)

Nine beautiful minuets arranged for two mandolins.

Building A Traditional Bluegrass Mandolin Break

 Follow these 6 steps to building a traditional bluegrass mandolin break.

Getting To Know The Notes

Notes are like people, they like it when we remember their names.

Jazz & Swing Tunes

Some of my favorites.

Don's Original Tunes

Quirky original tunes for the mandolin.

Assorted Techniques and Exercises 

Hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, picking exercises, chords, scales, and more!

Assorted Chord and Rhythm Lessons

Turn your mandolin into a serious rhythm instrument.

Tremolo A subsidiary of Mandolins Heal The World contains many of the same mandolin courses. These course or single mandolin lessons can be purchased a la carte.Guest Instructors

David Benedict's One Stop Double Stop Shop

Learn double stops and how to use them.

David Benedict's Waltz Warehouse

Nine great mandolin waltzes that you should know.

David Benedict's Jivin' On The Jigs

What can I say about jigs? down-up-down, down-up-down, down-up-down.

Jordan Ramsey's McReynolds Style Cross-Picking

Great introduction to cross-picking.

Chris Henry's Bluegrass Lessons

Traditional, old-school, no tab, lo-tech, bluegrass mandolin lessons. 

Tim Connell's Solo Arrangements

Beautiful solo mandolin performances.

David Benedict's Mandolin Mondays

Wide range of solo mandolin arrangement performances.

Alan Epstein's Mandolin Vitamins

Short video lessons on a variety of topics.