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Don Julin is accepting a limited number of mandolin students via ZOOM. Whether you are into bluegrass, old-time, swing, jazz, or even classic rock, Don will help you take your mandolin playing to the next level. He offers one free 30-minute introductory session to get to know each other a bit. This initial session will allow a chance to get to know each other, ensure the technology works, and some time to come up with a lesson plan that fits your goals. All lessons are recorded and archived so students can review lessons as many times as needed. 
You don't need the fastest internet connection in the world, but if you are on dial-up or a 3g phone network, you may experience trouble with slow or choppy playback. In general, if you can watch Youtube videos without having to wait for them to load, your connection should be fast enough. iPads and smartphones are a great way to take a ZOOM lesson, as these devices include high-quality cameras and microphones. 
A big part of Don's online mandolin teaching process involves playing along with videos and practice tracks. The practice tracks are virtual tracks and feature bass, percussion, keyboard, and a variety of instruments. Most media speakers are good enough to handle this, but your laptop or phone speakers are not. If you have had trouble with practice tracks in the past, hearing the track clearly may have been part of the problem.  IrealPro is an app that allows you to quickly and easily create play-along tracks in a variety of styles. Get It! 
Students must have an active account at to access assignments or archived lesson videos.
Weekly 30 minute archived sessions are available on a month to month basis. Monday through Thursday from 10 am EST  to 9 pm EST. Weekends may be available on request.  Lessons are invoiced at the time of scheduling and must be paid in full via PayPal in advance of the sessions.  
Weekly 30- minute archived video lesson $30 each
Email Don to set up Skype/Facetime mandolin lessons.

Email Don to set up ZOOM mandolin lessons.