"Music is a conversation, not a contest."

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Here is what some music campers recently had to say about mandolin classes with Don Julin.

“Don covered a lot of useful material. Great participation - time for each person to try the stuff. Don is a wonderful teacher. Organized, direct, relevant, his topic was relevant to my journey and he delivered. Bring him back!”

“Fantastic! Great breadth of topics without spreading too thin. Great attention to students’ struggles and pacing the class.”

“Super great class. Couldn’t be better. Don is an incredibly great teacher. Clarified many things for me that I didn’t get otherwise.”

“Best mandolin class and teacher I’ve had! Thank you!”

“Don Julin’s class - Good teacher, amazing wide range of knowledge and excited about all of it - I would do it again.”

“Don’s class was great - good presentation of information and technique - great approach. Taught improv as indicated in the course description. Please have him come back!”

“Great class. Good pace and just different enough to be challenging but not feeling left behind. Please have Don back!!!”

“There was more freedom in Don’s class than any other mando class I’ve ever taken here. More playing and improvising and getting to hear everyone’s individual sound made this class very special. And Don is able to present a very clear point of view. Don was also very responsive to topics that we requested be covered on day 1. We pretty much covered everything.”

 “Although I have had many pure bluegrass mandolin instructors, I learned more from Don and he broadened my understanding more than any previous instructor and especially in the blues aspect of bluegrass.”

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