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Don Julin's mandolin workshops have been held in music stores, 400-year-old music conservatories, music festivals, private living rooms, or even a quiet back room at a brewpub. These 60 to 90-minute focused workshops typically have between 6-15 participants. Here is a shortlist of current workshops.

Building a Traditional Bluegrass Style Mandolin Break

So you have learned a bunch of fiddle tunes and can strum chords reasonably well but still are not sure how to approach an instrumental break in a bluegrass song. By using the simple method shown in this workshop, you will be able to construct a great traditional sounding mandolin break for the classic bluegrass song "Long Journey Home."

What Goes Up, Must Come Down

Alternate picking and its cousin the tremolo are considered two of the essential techniques for the mandolin player to master. Whether you play fiddle tunes, rags, bluegrass, classical, jazz, or Led Zeppelin, a well-organized right hand is essential to mandolin playing. This workshop includes a series of exercises designed to build right-hand strength and coordination. Soon after you have added these exercises to your daily routine, you will notice a difference and be able to play faster, smoother, and more relaxed.

 Jamming For Dummies: Everyone Can Improvise!

Ever wonder how some musicians can make up solos on the spot? This workshop explains some of the language of the improviser. Learn about two common types of improvisation used in a variety of musical styles. 

• Melodic improvisation: improvising based on the melody.

• Harmonic improvisation: improvising based on the chord structure.

This workshop is open to all levels and can be useful to all instrumentalists.

Playing The Changes

Learn the art of creating beautiful melody lines through any chord progression. This melodic voice leading technique will give your improvised melodies direction and drama. To get the most out of this class, you should have a good understanding of chord theory and know the location and names of all notes in first position. 

Improve Your Groove

Much of the feeling in music comes from subtle adjustments timing. Playing ahead of the beat can sound nervous or filled with anxiety while playing a tiny bit behind the beat can sound "cool." This metronome exercise will fine-tune your ability to hear the difference, allowing you to find the pocket. To get the most out of this class, you should already be able to play in time with your metronome and practice tracks. 


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