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Online Mandolin Courses

Enjoy unlimited access to over 25 courses totaling over 300 mandolin tutorials, featuring multi-speed videos, standard notation, as well as tablature PDFs, and multiple practice tracks. All mandolin courses and lesson collections have been organized into three main categories:

Beginner's Corner


Guest Instructors (all levels)

To get the most out of your online learning experience, you will need to have the right equipment. Below I have listed some essential pieces of gear that will significantly enhance your mandolin practice experience.

(1) Mandolin
Someone will inevitably ask if I don't include this.

(2) Electronic tuner
Even if you can tune your mandolin by ear, you will need a tuner to make sure you are in tune with the play-along tracks. I suggest a clip-on type of electronic tuner.

(3) High-Speed internet or cellular network
The lessons included on include videos and audio tracks as a primary element. You don't need the fastest internet connection in the world, but if you are on dial-up or a 3g phone network, you may experience trouble with slow or choppy playback. In general, if you can watch youtube videos without having to wait for them to load, you should be OK. If you can Skype the grandkids, you can Skype a mandolin lesson.

(4) Media Speakers
A big part of this study program is playing along with videos and tracks. These tracks are full-band tracks and feature bass, percussion, keyboard, and a variety of instruments. If your speaker does not reproduce a full spectrum of sound, you will not hear the rhythm section well enough to keep in time with it. Most media speakers are good enough to handle this, but your laptop speakers are not.

(5) IrealPro
Irealpro is an incredibly useful practice app that can turn your phone into the ultimate practice tool. Practicing with this app can help improve your overall timing and is crucial in developing improvisational ideas. The majority of practice tracks used on this site have been created in irealpro, and are available to Mandolins Heal The World members.

(6) Metronome
Get one that has a volume control and is LOUD when turned up. You will need to hear it while you are playing. Don't worry about different time signatures or accents. Just a simple old click is the best. Not a beep but a click. It should sound like striking a piece of hardwood.

Current Mandolin Heals The World members receive a discounted rate for live lessons with Don Julin via Skype/Facetime.

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