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*Don's Monthly Master Class

Swing, Jazz, Latin, Improvisation

*Don's Julin's Major Scale Workout 

Major Scales in every key, up and down the neck!

*What Goes Up Must Come Down

Play faster, smoother, more in time!

*Don Julin's Playing The Changes: Major Triads

Unlock the secret of playing the changes.

*Don's Favorites (fiddle tunes)

Twelve fiddle tunes that every mandolin player should know.

*EZ Classical Duets (minuets)

Nine beautiful minuets arranged for two mandolins.

*Building A Traditional Bluegrass Mandolin Break

 Follow these 6 steps to building a traditional bluegrass mandolin break.

Assorted Fun Tunes

Expand your repertoire with fiddle tunes, rags, waltzes, Dawg tunes, blues, etc.


*Getting To Know The Notes

Notes are like people, they like it when we remember their names.

Jazz & Swing Tunes

Some of my favorites.

Don's Original Tunes

Quirky original tunes for the mandolin.

Assorted Techniques and Exercises 

Hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, picking exercises, chords, scales, and more!

Assorted Chord and Rhythm Lessons

Turn your mandolin into a serious rhythm instrument.

* Select courses can be purchased a la carte at  Tremolo is a subsidiary of Mandolins Heal The World.