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Guest Instructors


Mandolins Heal The World is proud of our hand-picked roster of mandolin instructors. While some are performers that you will see at many of the top festivals and camps around the world, some stay closer to home and enjoy teaching more than touring. Be sure to check out the following courses and tutorials by Chris Henry, David Benedict, Jordan Ramsey, Tim Connell, and Alan Epstein.

David Benedict's One Stop Double Stop Shop

Learn double stops and how to use them.

David Benedict's Waltz Warehouse

Nine great mandolin waltzes that you should know.

David Benedict's Jivin' On The Jigs

What can I say about jigs? down-up-down, down-up-down, down-up-down.

Jordan Ramsey's McReynolds Style Cross-Picking

Great introduction to cross-picking.

Chris Henry's Bluegrass Lessons

Traditional, old-school, no tab, lo-tech, bluegrass mandolin lessons. 

Tim Connell's Solo Arrangements

Beautiful solo mandolin performances.

David Benedict's Mandolin Mondays

Wide range of solo mandolin arrangement performances.

Alan Epstein's Mandolin Vitamins

Short video lessons on a variety of topics.