"Music is a conversation, not a contest."

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Experience total musical immersion when you attend Don Julin's Conversational Music Retreat. These intimate retreats are limited to between six and nine participants and usually take place in large vacation homes, or lodges were participants could stay for a few days. Imagine a few days of good food, new friends, and guided intelligent musical conversation with a group of like-minded folks.

The primary focus is on the conversational elements of playing music with others by exploring melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic concepts. Each day includes private lessons, group workshops/clinics, and evening jam sessions. All participants should be at a similar skill level, as playing together is a big part of the process. A core curriculum of tunes (approximately a dozen) are selected in advance for each retreat.

Don Julin's Conversational Music Retreats
Which one is right for you?

Total Beginners
You have a mandolin (or can borrow one) and have a desire to play music with others. We will play and sing folk songs, gospel songs, simple fiddle tunes, traditional country songs, and music often referred to as "three chords and the truth." These classes start with the basics, then covers simple melodies, basic strumming patterns, and some tips on how to play in a band or a jam session.

Bluegrass/Fiddle Tunes
Intermediate level. You should be comfortable in a slow jam and be able to follow a simple chord progression to a song after hearing it a few times. We will play bluegrass standards, familiar fiddle tunes and of course some Monroe tunes. Classes will cover chording and muting techniques, double stops, tremolo, building an instrumental break, jamming (improvising) on fiddle tunes.

21st Century Mandolinist
Intermediate/Advanced Level. You should be familiar with the concept of jazz chords (7ths, etc.) and be able to play in at least a few keys. Some bluegrass experience wouldn't be bad either. We will look at jazz standards, bossa nova, blues, gypsy, and Dawg tunes. Classes will cover improvisation concepts along with some very cool jazz and Latin rhythms that sound great on the mandolin.

Baby Boomer's Delight
Intermediate Level. You should be able to play solid rhythm and pick out some melodies when playing with others. This retreat is for mandolin players 50 or older, that are not primarily interested in bluegrass but still love music and want to play the mandolin. We could look at tunes by The Beatles, The Stones, Old & In The Way, Waylon, Willie, Zeppelin, or anything we all want to play. Classes cover the greatest lick in country music, pentatonic scales, 12 bar blues and more.

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