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Chris Henry has certainly done his homework on Monroe style mandolin playing and is considered one of the top Monroe style players on the scene today. Chris also grew up making instructional videos for "The Murphy Method", a family business focused on teaching bluegrass music by ear. His video lessons therefor do not include any notation or tablature. If you are new to this way of learning, I encourage you to give it a try, even though it may seem harder at first. Listen carefully and watch his hands, then simply try to imitate what you see and hear on the screen. Be sure to use Soundslice to slow down and loop sections for easier learning.

Disclaimer: The video and audio quality of some of the videos included in this section are not up to todays iPhone 7 standards. In some cases the audio is badly distorted. I feel that the content in these videos is so vital and accurate that it warrants the fuzzy picture and audio. Think of these video lesson a bit like Monroe's original recordings in that they are a little rough around the edges and a bit challenging, but if you put the time in and study them, you will sure get the reward. 

Don Julin

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