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David Benedict's Mandolin Mondays

Many of you may be familiar with David Benedict's Mandolin Mondays series of mandolin videos that have been featured on the Mandolin Cafe in 2016. Here is what Scott Tichenor, owner of the Mandolin Cafe has to say about these videos.

"David made his first post in the blogging area of the Mandolin Cafe's forum January 4, 2016, stating he would release a new video every week and call the series Mandolin Mondays with the hashtag #mandolinmondays for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.

I was familiar with his work in the mandolin world and took note. Privately, I had doubts someone could commit and make a year's worth of weekly videos while employed as a touring, professional musician. It was a huge commitment, a personal challenge he made, and he certainly made it. And it wasn't fluff material. He was working through extremely complicated pieces of music played exceptionally well. What really appeals to me about David's music is that he approaches the mandolin in a wider role than a lot of musicians, which is part of what the Cafe was built on. He takes it wherever he wishes: video soundtracks from computer games, Christmas tunes, Bach, Beatles, music from commercials, and beyond. Some of it is mind blowing, and his ideas are always interesting. His lack of restraint on what he approaches is refreshing and something I find very appealing". Scott Tichenor

Mandolins Heal The World has formatted these videos to work in Soundslice, so you can slow them down and loop a section and learn these great solo mandolin arrangements a phrase at a time. 


Click the lesson titles to access full lessons.

  (1.0) American Pie
  (1.1) Auld Lange Syne
  (1.2) Bear Island Reel
  (1.3) Blue Monk
  (1.4) Bob Dylan Medley
  (1.5) Botanisten
  (1.6) Brejeiro
  (1.7) Chief Sitting In The Rain
  (1.8) Deep River Blues
  (1.9) Ghost Busters
  (2.0) Home Sweet Home
  (2.2) Homer the Roamer
  (2.3) The Entertainer
  Jeff Sturgeon
  John Hardy
  Joy To The World
  Ship In the Clouds
  Star Wars
  Taylor Swift Medley
  Tell Me Something Good
  The Boxer
  Theme And Variations: Bury Me Beneath The Willow
  Turkey In The Straw
  Winnie The Pooh