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Don Julin, author of "Mandolin For Dummies" and owner/operator of "Mandolins Heal The World" has put together a incredible diverse roster of mandolin instructors. While some are performers you will se at many of the top festivals and camps around the world, some stay closer to home and enjoy teaching more than touring. They all are great, passionate mandolin instructors sharing years of experience through the videos included on this educational website. Below the photo and short bio of each instructor, are links to all lessons currently available. Explore and have fun learning new tunes and concepts on the "Prince" of all stringed instruments: The Mandolin. 

  (1.3) It's All In The Wrist
  (3.0g) Counting 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4
  (3.0i) Counting 8th notes, triplets, and 16th notes
  (3.0j) Playing The Rests Pt.1
  (3.0k) Playing The Rests Pt. 2
  (3.0l) Playing The Rests Pt.3
  (3.1a) Basic Alternate Picking
  (3.1b) Four Easy Picking Exercises
  (3.1c) Intro to Tremolo
  (3.1d) Free/Expressive Tremolo
  (3.1e) Syncopated Picking Exercises
  (3.1f) Right Hand Exercises
  (3.1g) The Mighty Downstroke
  (3.2a) Left Hand Muting
  (3.2b) Two Types of Slides
  (3.2c) Hammer-ons
  (3.2d) Adding Drone Strings
  (3.2f) Two Pinky Exercises
  (3.3g) Swing -Jazz Rhythm
  (3.3h) Bossa Nova (heartbeat)
  (3.3i) Bossa Nova (syncopated)
  (3.3j) Choro Rhythm pattern (one bar)
  (3.3k) Samba Rhythm Pattern (two bars)
  (3.3l) Choro Rhythm Pattern (two bar)
  (3.3m) Clave with Backbeat Rhythm Pattern
  (3.4) Three-String 7th Chords
  (3.4) Three-String Major Chords
  (3.5a) G Major Scale
  (3.5b) A Major Scale
  (3.5c) D Major Scale