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Techniques & Exercises

Alternate picking, Tremolo, Slides, Hammer-ons, Triplets, Double Stops, Strumming patterns, Scales, and many more topics are covered in this section. These are the techniques and skills that make you sounds wonderful on the mandolin. It takes many years to master these techniques so don't be in a hurry, also don't get discouraged when you find that some of these skills are very difficult and seem quite un-natural at first. Remember that songs are the reason you are playing the mandolin and these established mandolin techniques will help you make your songs more beautiful. 



  (3.0g) Counting 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4
  (3.0h) Time Signatures
  (3.0i) Counting 8th notes, triplets, and 16th notes
  (3.0j) Playing The Rests Pt.1
  (3.0k) Playing The Rests Pt. 2
  (3.0l) Playing The Rests Pt.3
  (3.1a) Basic Alternate Picking
  (3.1b) Four Easy Picking Exercises
  (3.1c) Intro to Tremolo
  (3.1d) Free/Expressive Tremolo
  (3.1e) Syncopated Picking Exercises
  (3.1f) Right Hand Exercises
  (3.1g) The Mighty Downstroke
  (3.2a) Left Hand Muting
  (3.2b) Two Types of Slides
  (3.2c) Hammer-ons
  (3.2d) Adding Drone Strings
  (3.2f) Two Pinky Exercises
  (3.3g) Swing -Jazz Rhythm
  (3.3h) Bossa Nova (heartbeat)
  (3.3i) Bossa Nova (syncopated)
  (3.3j) Choro Rhythm pattern (one bar)
  (3.3k) Samba Rhythm Pattern (two bars)
  (3.3l) Choro Rhythm Pattern (two bar)
  (3.3m) Clave with Backbeat Rhythm Pattern
  (3.4) Three-String 7th Chords
  (3.4) Three-String Major Chords
  (3.5a) G Major Scale
  (3.5b) A Major Scale
  (3.5c) D Major Scale