Double-Stop Weekend

 December 9-11, 2022

An Online Mandolin Workshop with Don Julin

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Double stops are a great way to add a little bit of that high-lonesome sound to your mandolin playing. A double-stop is simply two notes of a chord played simultaneously, often played with tremolo. This intermediate-level workshop is for mandolin players looking to add double stops into their playing. 

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • Six Crucial Double-Stop Shapes
  • Locations Of Chord Tones On Your Mandolin Fingerboard
  • How To Play Through Basic Changes Using Double-Stops
  • How To Incorporate Double-Stops and Drone-Strings Into Melodies

This Workshop Includes:

  • Four Live 60-Minute ZOOM Classes
  • Two Live 60-Minute ZOOM Office Hours (Live Q&A)
  • Guided Practice Videos
    Practice Tracks
  • Downloadable PDF Booklet
Friday, December 9, 8 pm EST Class 1 ZOOM Session
Saturday, December 10, noon EST Class 2 ZOOM session
Saturday, December 10, 4 pm EST Office Hours 
Saturday, December 10, 8 pm EST Class 3 ZOOM session
Sunday, December 11, noon EST Office Hours 
Sunday, December 11, 4 pm EST Class 4 ZOOM session

Unlimited Access!

Some people have asked if they need to be present at the "Live" sessions. Of course, it is best if you can, but you will be able to access this complete workshop at any time in the future. All workshop elements will be recorded and uploaded to the Double-Stop Weekend homepage, and you will have unlimited access to these recordings, PDF, practice tracks, and more. So no matter your work schedule, timezone, or prior commitments, you can still have unlimited access to the entire workshop. The only part you will miss out on is the live Q&A sessions called Office Hours, but these too are recorded.
TIME ZONE STUFF. I am in Michigan in the Eastern Time Zone in The U.S.A. We participate in daylight savings time. This workshop will be in Eastern Daylight Time. (Same as New York)


"Don, this was the best and most informative class I have ever taken. 40 plus years of playing mandolin, and this course has opened doors and new ideas that I never thought of. The best thing about this course is how logical the process was through the whole course, and this makes learning so much easier and quicker. Wish I could have had this course years ago when I first started learning mandolin. Thanks for all you do!" T.D.

Double-Stop Weekend
December 9-11, 2022


Unlimited Access

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