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Beyond The Chop Chord (50 video lessons)

Learn Easy-To-Play (Three Note) Major, Minor, Seventh, Diminished, and Augmented Chord Forms.

Jazz Is Not Dead Vol. I (29 video lessons)

Take a close look at six great jazz tunes. Learn the melody, chords and rhythm patterns, harmonic analysis, and solo ideas.

Jazz Is Not Dead Vol. II Jam Session Essentials (42 video lessons)

Learn five essential jam session favorites from the 1930s swing era that sound great on the mandolin.

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A Note From Don

After many years of hearing students stumble through the same tune weekly, making the same mistakes in phrasing, song form, etc., I decided to try something different. I pre-recorded five of my most common fiddle tune lessons and uploaded them to a primitive website around 2010. At the end of each lesson, I gave the student a link to learn one of the fiddle tunes from the video. I did not show them how to play the song or provide them with any sheet music. They could watch the video as many times as needed. I also uploaded some practice tracks at various tempos. The results were amazing! When each student using the videos came for their next lesson, they could play the tune! We spent the one-on-one time fine-tuning it and playing music together. The results were in. Students that used the videos learned the material much faster and more accurately than those who did not.
I have been a believer in video learning ever since this first experiment. Mandolins Heal The World is where I share what I have learned in my forty-some years of being obsessed with the mandolin.


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